Criteria For Affiliated Churches and Ministries

These are some of the criteria expected of churches and ministries before affiliation is approved:

  • A copy of the Constitution, By-laws, and Articles of Incorporation.
  • Ministry evaluation completed by an RMI representative.
  • Opinion letters from accountants or financial consultants concerning your adherence to standard accounting principles or a letter from the accounting department from your church or ministry.
  • A corporate resolution stating an intention to affiliate with RMI.
  • Copy of 501.C.3 recognition of proof of application of recognition (U.S. only).
  • The financial commitment to RMI.
  • Ministerial relationship through attendance of at least one conference per year or have one of the apostolic team members ministers at least once a year in your local church.
  • Leaders that are affiliating MUST be ordained ministers and must be a five-fold ministry gift.

NOTE: If you as a ministry or church do not have a copy of the 501.C.3 or a letter from your accountant, you can still be considered for membership of RMI. After consideration as an RMI member, you are requested to submit this information when you receive them.

To Become A Member of RMI you must:

  • Request for an RMI membership application form.
  • Attend RMI Annual International Conferences.
  • Applicants should be available for a personal interview with one or two members of the apostolic team.

Membership applicants will be approved by the apostolic team:

Pending applicants will receive written confirmation of their acceptance into membership.

When acceptance is received into RMI membership you also receive the following:

  • An official membership certificate mounted in an attractive frame.
  • A copy of the constitution of RMI.

In addition, your name will be added to the official membership list and distributed to all RMI members worldwide. Membership support will begin when notification of membership is received.

Please fill out the form below if your interested in becoming an affiliate!